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You must post these rules
Answer the questions the tagger set for you in their post, and create ten new questions for the people you tag to answer.
You have to choose ten people to tag and post their icons on your journal.
Go to their pages and tell you have tagged him/her.
No crap in tagging section "you're tagged if you're reading this." You legitimately have to tag

1. What is the strangest dream you've ever had?
Probably the Pie Dream.
There was an evil pie that came out of the ground and tried to attack a boy who ate a lot of pie, but his sister saved him with a force-field.
In weirdness it's followed by the "giant cricket thingys" dream. It was weird.

2. Where were you born?
In a hospital.

3. If you were to own a store or a restaurant, what would it sell?
Hmmm... Everything! No. Cloth and craft-thingies and antiques and food and clothes and flowers and fake flowers and shiny things and! yeah. Probably a craft store.

4. Food fight! What are you fighting with?
Well. Hm. Stuffing? No, to hard to throw. How about boston cream doughnuts? Or jelly. Nice and easy to throw, but still messy :D

5. Mr. Boddy is dead. Who killed him, where, and with what?
Colonel Mustard! With the wrench! In the conservatory!

6. What is within arm's reach of you that could be a potential weapon? How? Get creative!
Well, If it wasn't creative, scissors. But instead My mouse, I could use it like a twitly-around ball-n-chain thingy and hit people with it. Or army men and their guns to poke people.

7. Least favorite chore?

8. How many licks does it take to get to the tootsie roll center of a tootsie pop?
h-whone, h-twh-hoo, thr-hee. It takes three licks to get to the center of the tootsie pop.

9. Name the capital of five major countries around the world.
Washington D.C.- USA
London- England
Paris- France
Tokyo- Japan
does it have to be major?
Madrid- Spain

10. Most interesting piece of clothing you own?
I dunno. The really sparkly dress thing, maybe.

I tag:

I broke the rules too!

New questions:
1. Do you have any siblings?
2. What is your favorite kind of light?
3. If someone burst into the room and pointed a weapon (your choice) at you what  would you do?
4. What is your favorite animal?
5. Name three important bodies of water. (Lakes, oceans, rivers, etc.)
6. What is made you laugh the hardest last week?
7. Where where you on the twenty-first on the twelfth month of the two thounsand and twelfth year?!
8. Did you have to think very hard to get that date? ^
9. What was the last book you finished reading?
10. Pick a card, any card. Now put it in the deck. Watch carefully as I shuffle the deck. Was this your card?
  • Listening to: my sister singing
  • Reading: The girl who fell beneath fairyland-
  • Watching: ...
  • Playing: ...
  • Eating: food
  • Drinking: water


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Why, hello there page viewer! Thank you so much for stopping by my page!
I apologize sincerely if you comment or fave or anything and I don't get back to you. I am a procrastinator and these things happen.

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